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Custom solutions designed with you in mind
Custom solutions designed with you in mind

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This is a vehicle tracking system with a difference. It allows ultimate control, whereby you are able to select a custom list of functionalities and build your very own solution, while all the technicalities are managed and supported by SVA Innovate's Data Management Centre and processed with our bespoke INFOMAN technology.

We believe in custom solutions which is why our Connect offering is broken down into two distinct sections; Bridge and Lite. Once we determine the best solution for you and your business, we will decide on the best solution for your business together and SVA will manage the rest of the process from fitment and debit order agreements to cancellations and collections.


This is a comprehensive fleet and risk management solution powered by our very own SVA Bridge device. It collects and provides a number of different types of data, which are detailed below.

Supply chain visibility and efficiency

  • Overtime management
  • Fuel management (route management)
  • Immediate notification of non-compliance
  • On-route de-briefing (automated)
  • Quality measurement

Client integration and communication

  • Automated delivery notifications
  • Route management and ETA notifications
  • NFC and PTT

Telematics application

  • Generic trip notification and reporting
  • Vehicle inspections (pre, post, on-route and health checks)
  • Speed violations
  • Geo-zoning
  • Built-in camera, on-screen signing, document automation

Data analytics and solution integration

  • Activity based analytics and trending
  • Predictive analytics
  • Non-invasive technology
  • Multi-platform enabled
  • Dynamic architecture and scalability


SVA Bridge Architecture



Lite is a telematics driven vehicle tracking solution that provides you with the most necessary information. It is perfectly suited to individuals looking for a custom driver behaviour monitoring and vehicle recovery solution. It will support your business with generic trip notifications and reporting, vehicle inspection checklists, speed violations, geo-zoning, a built-in camera, on-screen signing and document automation.




A business that soars

An eagle’s body is specifically engineered for strong flight. The feathers are streamlined, their bones are lightweight and they have powerful flight muscles. Much like the eagle, every business requires certain tools in order to succeed and to soar. These are the tools SVA Connect can provide you with.

Our dynamic product solutions offer real-time monitoring of both fleet and personal vehicles.


This allows us to provide our clients with:



Real-time data






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