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Achieve success through innovation and collaboration
Achieve success through innovation and collaboration

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SVA Innovate is dedicated to innovation in a space where technology meets business. We have created an environment that stimulates innovative thinking with access to technology, research and the tools necessary to design and create new ideas. We turn every business activity into data, analyse that data and use it to provide solutions for overcoming challenges that are preventing you from achieving your objectives. This is the incubation hub for all innovation within the group and allows us to deliver market leading products and services. Below are some of our custom-built business technology solutions.


The Information Management Solution was designed and developed in order to technologically support all of our business solutions. It is a template and matrix based platform that focuses on risk factors and compliance within market verticals that are specifically relevant to your business.

It allows for prioritisation and escalation of vital queries for ultimate visibility. Backed by a Dynamic Data Management Centre (DMC), it makes use of patented negative scoring methodology (2016/04392) to ensure that all of your information is processed, displayed and managed in the most effective way possible.

The best part about it is that it is non-invasive on your infrastructure and systems.

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Key Benefits:

  • Online, real-time compliance platform
  • Check inputs against internal policies and procedures
  • Trends results for commonalities and repeat findings
  • Manages incidents concerning non-compliance
  • Aids you in reducing risk, theft and loss
  • Escalation on non-action and non-compliance
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SVA Connect:

Gone are the days where a single solution solves all of your business related problems. That is why we, in collaboration with our partners, have released a vehicle tracking service with a difference.

Click here to find out more about SVA Connect.

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Let us be the wind beneath your wings

Even the majestic eagle makes use of thermals and updrafts to assist in their flight. We aim to be the supportive wind beneath your wings, using innovative technological solutions to take your business to new heights.

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This is where business meets technology as we innovate with:

INFOMAN, our patented information management solution

Connect, for complete vehicle tracking solutions





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