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Custom security solutions built with you in mind
Custom security solutions built with you in mind

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The SVA Security division offers a full spectrum of security solutions in asset and stock management and control, creating procedures for their protection and movement.

We offer security, but our primary function is to understand your operations procedures in this area, to assess them and provide information on compliance and possible reasons for losses so that risk factors can be minimised.

Our 24-hour control room and Data Management Centre facilitates national live tracking with real-time reporting, historical data trend analysis and emergency response management.

The SVA difference means that while others put security officers in place to protect your assets, we place people on the ground to collect risk control information that we use to generate risk-related data and inform our custom solutions. Our security officers aren’t just deterrents, they’re part of a much wider solution.




Security at the highest level

The extreme heights and lack of accessibility of the eagle’s nest is no accident. These aspects provide comfort, reassurance and above all safety and security. That is precisely the sense of security we can achieve together.


Our 24 hour control room and Data Management Centre (DMC) facilitate national live tracking, resource management and business analytics


This allows us to provide our clients with:

Emergency Response Management

Real-Time Reporting

Historical Data Trend Analysis






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