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Doing this, reduced stock loss by R 250 000 plus a month

And gave our client full visibility of his stock

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How did we, save our client in excess of R 250 000?

When this client approached us, they were looking for a way to know what was happening with their stock i.e. have visibility of where what was and reduce their stock loss. Through digitizing this process by placing the right people, doing the right checks with technology and tablets, our client now knows what’s happening with his stock, where it is and their stock loss has been decreasing drastically.

This is how much we could be saving you each month!


Workforce and Cost Savings are paramount for optimising operational efficiency and maintaining a competitive edge in the market. We have recently implemented strategies that have yielded significant results in these areas. By reducing 24 personnel across Gauteng and Coastal regions, we have streamlined the workforce and achieved a notable monthly saving of Rl20,663. This translates to a 12% reduction in verification costs, allowing you to allocate resources more effectively and continue providing exceptional services to your clients.


Claims and Acknowledgement of Debt (AOD) Improvement is critical to enhancing the overall efficiency and financial performance of any logistics operation. By focusing on refining these processes, we have recently achieved remarkable results. For instance, a Woolworth's shortage claim worth R40,000 was rejected due to the provision of a comprehensive portfolio of evidence, which led to the discovery of the stock in their Distribution Centre. Additionally, we managed to bill a transporter for a Spar Natal wet stock claim worth Rl40,000, thanks to presenting a complete portfolio of evidence. This documentation ultimately led the transporter to accept liability. These improvements in claims and AODs management have bolstered our capabilities in handling disputes and mitigating financial risks, further strengthening our position in the logistics industry.


Picking Accuracy Improvement is vital for improving the overall efficiency and productivity of any logistics operation. By implementing real-time and accurate Post Pick Audit (PPA) information, we have made significant strides in addressing picking errors promptly and improving picking accuracy. This proactive approach has streamlined warehouse processes and reduced three operational personnel, as the need for "re-work" to rectify picking errors has significantly diminished. Consequently, our focus on improving picking accuracy has resulted in a more efficient operation, reduced labour costs, and, ultimately, higher customer satisfaction.


Why SVA?

Join countless satisfied customers who have already experienced the transformative power of a term we’re coining Business Process Digitization.

With 20+ years of experience working with big retailers and logistics companies, we have proven results and we understand that each business is unique. So, let’s tailor a solution that meets your needs, and gets you saving money, headaches, stock and much more.

At SVA Holdings we automate processes within your business, every business activity is transformed into data, real-time dashboards and gives you the ability to make data-driven decisions in your business. For our existing clients this has streamline their, reduced stock loss, increased visibility, maximized your efficiency and much more. We coin this term Business Process Digitization. We do this by pulling in different integrated services each of our 6 companies has and provide one holistic solution through SVA Holdings.


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